No one knows for sure what the future will bring. Technology is moving so fast now that accurately predicting what might, or might not happen or come to pass is a bit of a ‘fools game’

So, we won’t be making any big pronouncements or offering any sage-like insights into…

A 100 years ago Quantum Theory was born, first reported in the journal Nature (1) at the time and following a speech made by Max Planck, detailing work that later won him the Nobel Prize.

Since that time quantum theory has revolutionised science and the way we live, and continues…

What “darkness the mind of a discoverer must grope through” and “what false tracks he will follow before he sees the light of the truth.

Nature 6th December 1920

100 years ago Quantum Theory was born

It may have escaped your notice given everything that has been going on, but we passed a scientifically significant anniversary at…


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